Customer Loyalty Reward Programme


At Alduka we are big on customer loyalty, as a result, second to providing quality goods and services is our customer loyalty reward programme. The objective of the programme is to reward customers for doing business with us. This reward will be in the form of cash payments based on the customer purchase volume. With Alduka, customers will be able to earn cash rewards through a referral based incentives program. Once a customer signs up to use ALDUKA, they can also sign up for our customer loyalty reward programme. Through our rewards program, a customer will receive cashback based on purchases made by the person they referred.


Customers can earn this cash reward by following three (3) simple steps:

Step 1. Register for the customer loyalty reward programme CLICK HERE 

Step 2. Purchase from our wide array of product lines; and

Step 3. Refer persons to follow steps 1 and 2.

Each product on our website ( is assigned points that are used to determine your cash reward. Each time your referral makes a purchase, you are assigned the points of the items purchased.


The points percentages are as follow:

Points (P) - Percentages Brackets

2000 to 2999 - 1%

3000 to 3999 - 2%

4000 to 4999 - 3%

5000 to 5999 - 4%

6000 and over - 5%

Referral Incentive Calculation

There are five percentage brackets used to determine the amount of cash reward you can receive per month. The percentage brackets you fall within for the month is based on the number of points generated for that month. For example, if you generate 6,500 Points for a month the percentage bracket for that number of Points is 5%.


This percentage will be used to calculate the referral incentive cash value that is payable base on the number of points generated by your referrals. For example, your referrals generate a total of 214,500 points for the month. The cash reward you will receive for that month is $10,725 (214,500 points x 5%).